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Learn To Speak Yoruba...

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Bá Ọmọ Rẹ Ṣọ̀rọ̀ Ní Èdè Yorùbá is an ebook series designed 100% in Yoruba to help parents communicate with their children in the Yoruba language. Parents with the Yoruba heritage can now teach their children how to make simple Yoruba expressions such as "Ebi n pamí - I am Hungry" "Mo fẹ́ jẹun - I want to eat" and more. Buy now and start teaching your children to respond to you in Yoruba.

The best to learn a new skill is to be actively involved! This is a workbook designed to help determine how much you understand the Bá Ọmọ Rẹ Sọ̀rọ̀ Ní Èdè Yorùbá Jeun ebook.

Dive in and discover the 10 commonly used Yoruba words with detailed explanation and sample dialogues

Yoruba Beginner Courses

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The most difficult part of the Yoruba language that many learners struggle with is the tone marks. One Yoruba word can make you the most loveable person, same word could send slaps raining down your cheeks, it is all dependent on the pronunciation which is 100% determined by the tone marks! Want to ACE your Yoruba Tone Marks skill?


Affordable Yoruba language courses with a monthly subscription is coming to you all soon.

Become the reason someone new build their confidence to speak the beautiful Yoruba language today! Join the team.

Yoruba podcast lessons

Podcast Lessons

Learn how to speak and understand the beautiful Yoruba language with bite size lessons from beginner to advance.

Wear Yoruba With Pride!